Sunday, March 6, 2011

Microwave placement

The kitchen remodel on our new house was done well but it's only skin deep. I've already gone into the raw unpainted dark wood cupboard interiors that will involve a lot of extra work and expense on  our part. Another downside is the owners are leaving no refrigerator and there is no built-in microwave. So what? Well the fridge we can do something about. We obviously can use a countertop microwave but it takes up room, they usually look lousy and you're always wiping up around them. I did some surfing to find examples of microwave placement in kitchen remodels to get some ideas. One of the main points to emerge almost everywhere was that a kitchen microwave should be as close to the fridge as possible. Make sense? Yes. Other than melting butter and chocolate for recipes, the microwave is used primarily for reheating cold foods from the fridge or freezer so it makes sense to keep them together. Here are some microwave stories to pique my imagination.
Here's a framed=in microwave next to the fridge. I don't like having no
counter or ledge to set the hot food down after removing it.

This vented microwave is built in over the range. It's not near the fridge. 
Our Fridge area lines up with the hall entry with no separation.
I like this idea of a paneled wall section hiding fridge from the family room. Extra pantry cupboard not a bad idea either

This option adds a fridge-depth cupboard that holds
a microwave. Again, no nearby ledge.

Here the built in microwave is on the left of the fridge. Still no
ledge or countertop surface underneath

Here the microwave is small and at a greater height but still near
the fridges and this one was counter space below.

Here the microwave is placed near double wall ovens. Could work as we have the
same double wall oven placement. It's not near the fridge but it does have conterspace.

This placement shows no advantages, not near the fridges
no counter space directly underneath.

Counter model next fridge; at least it's partially concealed by a full depth framing of the refirgerator. 
This placement is unusual, plenty fo counterspace but nowhere near the fridge. Not ideal.

This ones looks squeezed in and seem to high up for my taste. I'm 6'2 so I could deal with it, but the elderly and
children would be cut off from microwave usage with a model mounted this high. 

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