Sunday, February 27, 2011

Closet Space

Ok, I covered this below but I went back to my house photos to look at the master bedroom closet area, exterior and interior to see how to deconstruct it. These photos reaffirm my conviction that this house suffers from overuse of crummy doors all over the place. If you design closet space so it's functional and beautiful it doesn't have to be shuttered behind ugly doors. In my apartment I have a large open walk-in closet off my bath/dressing room and it never looks bad. I somehow manage to keep it in order.
I am so ready to rip off those butt-ugly doors, reorient the shevling layout, add built-in shelves at different depths for sweaters, shoes, etc. I'm open to using crate and barrell close organizers with those fabric covered pull out drawers that go into dark stain wood cubes. I have a few I use for accessories and I love them and the way they look. I've had them for years and they made it from NJ to Atlanta with no damage.
Open closet inspriation for enclosed master closets between master bedroom and bath. There are 3 doors I can do without. The door to the bathroom. This is our master bath.  The toilet is at far right inside it's own water closet with, you guessed it, another butt ugly door. It does have a window high up on the wall which helps but the point is we don't need "privacy" with a bathroom door. The shower stall will keep bathers warm in cold weather. The bathroom is so large and has a skylight and window so it's no guarantee it will ever be "warm" in damp Atlanta winters anyway. Closing the door wont' save us.
Next are the the narrow slit doors to the master closets on either side of this carpeted breezeway. With all the doors open at once and two men trying to bath and dress at the same time, it would be a nightmare.  I want all the doors out and those narrorw closet framing walls ripped out so we get one big open wall space for installing new shelving and closer oranganizers. We can coordinate paint, wood for shelves, even rip out the carpet and install new flooring for the space to cut that expanse of broadloom that runs like kudzu all over the top story of the house. 

Here are both closets, spliced together. The each have double-sided two-tiered
clothing racks with accesoriy shelves on end walls.  Rip all this out of both
closets and make continues shelving all round even over the bathroom door and
expand the closet and floorspace for dressing.

I'm repeating this inspiration photo to show what can be
achieved in a bathroom/bedroom connecting space with
thoughtful closet organization ideas.

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