About Me

My favorite things: photos, travel mementos, jotter, julep cup
holder for pens & stamps, holiday card craft from my partner
and a Manhattan cocktail
2010 was a transition year. I was "eliminated" from my Martha Stewart job of 9 years in June. I found a terrific new job in Atlanta in August 2010.  My partner and I had a home on the market in NJ where we enjoyed an 8 year run of entertaining and hosting in our home. This is the life we are aiming for here. We sold the NJ home in four months, reunited in Atlanta and bought our dream house.
This blog is meant to illustrate the kind of life we like to lead, the things that interest us both and how we plan to migrate our "system for living" to our new environment.
My focus will be on creating a liveable home that suits our way of life. My hope is to interest like-minded nest-builders who may be on the same path as us. Expect to see longing looks back at the lifestyle of the era from 1940s to 1960s as this is our mental inheritance.  Our view is this new century has tossed a lot overboard in its worship of technology and we are now missing a lot that made life worthwhile. We try to bring what's missing back in our lives and this blog will show us how to keep on bringing it home