Thursday, January 13, 2011

Marjorie M. Post Entertains at Hillwood Estate in DC

Thanks to Life Magazine archive for the story on the Kellog-Post heiress and her entertaining backstory as revealed in the following extracts.  We visited Hillwood on our second DC trip. Hillwood is an experience not to be missed.  We honestly didn't care about all Mrs. M-P's Romanov treasures and antique European furniture. We ignored the museum aspects of the place and focused on the de luxe lifestyle implications of the joint. Translation: we were more entranced with her baby pink dressing room and hatboxes lining the shelves, her fabulous kitchen and pantry which combined are as large as one of today's McMansions.  As often in our visits to house museums, we were fascinated by how the homes were run and how the inhabitants lived in them.
Hillwood's South Portico where you have a great
view of the Washington Monument from above
instead of below the way most people have to
view it :)

The grand old dame herself. Aged 76 years
and still ticking (off the gardener, probably)

Party preparations with supervison

No great lady ever delegates the final
table inspection before entertaining

Contemporary view of the pantry. Polishing up the gilt plate.

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